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Voting Information

November 7, Tuesday – ELECTION DAY
Polls will be open 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. on Election Day  

# Precinct Polling Site Location
1 Battle Park (BP) Chapel Hill Community Center 120 S. Estes Dr., Chapel Hill
2 Booker Creek (BC) Grace Church 200 Sage Rd., Chapel Hill
3 Cedar Falls (CF) Chapel Hill Bible Church 260 Erwin Rd., Chapel Hill
4 Coker Hills (CH) Church of Reconciliation 110 N. Elliott Rd, Chapel Hill
5 Colonial Heights (CO) Smith Middle School 9201 Seawell School Rd., Chapel Hill
6 Country Club (CC) Center for Dramatic Arts/Paul Green Theater 120 Country Club Rd., Chapel Hill
7 Dogwood Acres (DA) Mary Scroggs Elementary School 501 Kildaire Rd., Chapel Hill
8 East Franklin (EA) Holy Trinity Lutheran Church 300 E. Rosemary St., Chapel Hill
9 Eastside (ES) American Legion, Post 6 1714 Legion Rd, Chapel Hill
10 Estes Hills (EH) Chapel Hill Public Library, Meeting Room B 100 Library Dr, Chapel Hill
11 Glenwood (GL) The Friday Center 100 Friday Center Dr, Chapel Hill
12 Greenwood (GR) General Administration Bldg. 910 Raleigh Rd., Chapel Hill
13 Kings Mill (KM) Aldersgate Methodist Church 632 Laurel Hill Rd., Chapel Hill
14 Lincoln (LI) Lincoln Center Administration Building 750 S. Merritt Mill Rd., Chapel Hill
15 Mason Farm (MF) Chapel Hill Kehillah 1200 Mason Farm Rd., Chapel Hill
16 Northside (NS) First Baptist Church 106 N. Roberson St., Chapel Hill
17 Patterson (PA) New Hope Community Center 4014 Whitfield Rd., Chapel Hill
18 Ridgefield (RF) Binkley Baptist Church 1712 Willow Dr., Chapel Hill
19 Weaver Dairy (WD) Fire Station No. 4 Training Facility 103 Weaver Dairy Rd Ext., Chapel Hill
20 Weaver Dairy Satellite (WDS) Carol Woods Retirement Community 750 Weaver Dairy Rd., Chapel Hill
21 Westwood (WW) Frank Porter Graham School 101 Smith Level Rd., Chapel Hill


Early Voting Sites & Dates and Hours
Board of Election
208 S. Cameron St. Hillsborough
Carrboro Town Hall
301 W. Main St. Carrboro
  9AM-6PM 9AM-1PM 9AM-6PM 9AM-5PM 9AM-6PM 9AM-1PM
Chapel of the Cross
304 E. Franklin St. Chapel Hill
  12PM-7PM   12PM-7PM 12PM-5PM 12PM-7PM 9AM-1PM
Seymour Senior Center
2551 Homestead Rd. Chapel Hill
  12PM-7PM 9AM-1PM 12PM-7PM 12PM-5PM 12PM-7PM 9AM-1PM

Click here for more information about Early Voting Dates, Election Date

General election information from Orange County Board of Elections:

If you are a US citizen, but have not registered to vote in Chapel Hill, here is your voter registration information, click following link for more information:

If you will move after Oct 8 from Chapel Hill, you can still vote in your original precinct Nov 7 in Chapel Hill, click following link for more information:

If you have children going out of state for college, you can request absentee ballots for them, click following link for more information:

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