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My Platform: A Fresh Voice for Our Future

I’m running for Town Council to provide fresh ideas, sensible solutions and tangible results that will make Chapel Hill better for all of us.

I’ve been a Chapel Hill resident for over 22 years. Despite our cherished values of inclusiveness, education, and environmental health, our town is becoming less welcoming to many people. Teachers, librarians, firefighters, police officers, and small business owners are leaving the town because they can no longer afford to live here. And those who stay must cope with high housing costs, high utility rates and high sales and property taxes. At the same time, new luxury apartment complexes are proliferating throughout town, creating concern among the residents that we are losing the modest southern college town character long associated with Chapel Hill.

To address these issues, I believe we need to reaffirm our values and priorities, and need to solicit fresh ideas from ALL the people in our diverse community. If elected to serve on Town Council,

  • I will assess the Town’s existing policies to see whether they actually generate the intended results. This assessment should include taking a fresh look at the financial, environmental and social costs of Town policies and their impact on cost of living and affordability.
  • I will draw on my background in scientific research to synthesize information from different perspectives and let reason and evidence lead me to sensible conclusions.
  • I will work to make Chapel Hill a welcoming place for people of different ages, professions and cultural backgrounds.
  • I will sustain Chapel Hill’s natural beauty for present and future generations to enjoy.

At the same time, I will help place Town finances on a more solid economic footing by working to diversify our tax base and reduce the property tax burden on residents. For example, I will work to nurture high-tech startups that provide good-paying jobs and that do not harm the local environment.

Finally, I will champion arts, culture and education programs in collaboration with UNC and private entities to promote diversity, creativity, and life-long learning.

If you share my vision for a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable Chapel Hill, I invite you to join my campaign and I ask for your vote on November 7.

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